Watch Me Grow
0-12 Months, Newborn to Toddler


It takes just 12 months for your newborn baby to transition to an active toddler. This chapter covers comprehensive tips and advice to help you navigate their toddler years, according to their growing stages.

Young father playing with his daughter inside with toys

0-3 Months

During the first few weeks, your newborn’s day is a continuous cycle of feeding, settling and sleep. A simple tip you can try during nappy change is doing ‘bicycle’ motions with your baby’s legs, by gently moving their legs backwards and forwards – this helps expel wind from their bowel. Get more tips on topics such as day and night feeds, bedtime safety, and nappy rash.

3-6 Months

During this phase, your life has probably become more manageable, with your baby settled into a more predictable routine and maybe sleeping through the night. Get great tips on playtime, feeding and introducing solids to your little one.

Senior woman getting out of bed holding lower back in pain
Senior woman getting out of bed holding lower back in pain

6-9 Months

Around this time, your baby’s sleeping pattern has extended to around 10 hours at night, and they’re now ready for solid foods. They’re also becoming becoming much more mobile, while developing their own little personality. What should you look out for during this exciting period of their growing phase? Head straight to this chapter to find out.

9-12 Months

Your baby can now recognise and respond to routine, consistency and familiar cues. They will now be accustomed to a wide variety of foods and be more in tune with family mealtimes. Find out more about menu ideas, bedtime routine, weaning and childcare tips.

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