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Panadol, effective relief of pain and fever

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*Pain relief in 30 minutes. The active ingredient in Panadol Ultra relieves 5 types of tough pain.

Panadol: Extra Strength

Extra - Strength

Effective relief of pain and fever

Panadol: Ultra

Panadol Ultra

Relieves fast 5 types of tough pain*

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Main Symptoms

Headache & Migraine

Headaches can be dull and
throbbing, sharp and pinpointed, and can last for a few minutes or a few days.

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Fever in Children

The normal body temperature is between 36.5°C and 37.5°C.

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Pain and Fever
associated to Chikungunya/Zika

Every time, more and more people contract the chikungunya fever, caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes.

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Cold and Flu

Everyone gets a cold from time to time. More than 200 different viruses can cause a cold, but the rhinovirus is the most common culprit.

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