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Feeding Babies Aged 9-12 Months

Your baby will now be eating much the same food as the rest of family. They should be having 3 meals a day as well as a small snack for morning and afternoon tea and 3–4 milk feeds after meals. Offer them water from a cup at both meal times and snack times. Give them finger food at each meal, and let them have a spoon to practise feeding themselves. Let them make a mess – it’s all part of the process of learning to feed themselves.

Often they will refuse to let you feed them. If so, give them a spoon and let them practice spooning food into their mouth while you continue to feed them yourself. To keep them amused at meal times, have several different courses, and present them one after the other. For example, chicken and vegetables, followed by some yoghurt, then finger food such as pieces of fruit or cooked vegetable.

Give them a spoon and let them practice spooning food into their mouth while you continue to feed them yourself.

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Food tips

  • Never leave baby alone with finger food – they could choke on it.
  • No cows’ milk until 12 months, unless used to mix with food.
  • Avoid honey until after 12 months due to the risk of botulism bacteria
  • No nuts or crunchy peanut butter until 5 years.
  • No hard lollies – they can choke.
  • No sweet fizzy drinks or flavoured milk.
  • Don’t put baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, as it can lead to serious tooth decay.

Menu ideas 9-12 months

Breakfast options

  • Baby muesli or weetbix
  • Porridge and yoghurt.

Morning and afternoon tea (finger food)

  • Pieces of soft raw fruit (peeled).
  • Dry biscuit with avocado or cheese spread.
  • Cheese sticks.

Plus a drink in a cup – tap water.

Lunch options

  • Baked beans.
  • Scrambled egg or vegetable omelette.
  • Macaroni cheese or spaghetti.
  • Thick, chunky vegetable soup with toast.
  • Stewed fruit with yoghurt or custard.

Plus finger food – e.g. pieces of soft raw fruit, peeled.

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Dinner options

  • Beef casserole and vegetables.
  • Fish fingers.
  • Pasta and sauce.
  • Tofu, rice and vegetables.
  • Lentils and vegetables.
  • Fish patties, rice balls.

Plus finger food – e.g. steamed vegetable pieces.

Plus dessert – e.g. rice pudding, fruit jelly.

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