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Babyproofing Your House

With baby’s increasing mobility, safety becomes even more important. It’s time for you to create a safe environment in which your baby can satisfy their curiosity and need to move. As your baby is now mobile on the floor, get down on the floor yourself and see what your baby sees – you’ll often find loose objects that they could put into their mouth. You may also consider doing a First Aid course designed for parents of young children.

Buy soft plastic corner protectors to put on any sharp corners on furniture.

Young father playing with his daughter inside with toys
  • Remove all breakables and sharp objects from your baby’s reach.
  • Buy soft plastic corner protectors to put on any sharp corners on furniture
  • Secure bookcases, TV and DVD players and curtain rods firmly to the wall.
  • Blind cords should be firmly secured to a hook on the wall so they can’t wrap around baby’s neck.
  • Beware of tablecloths as baby may pull them to try to stand up.
  • Put detergents, chemicals and medicines in a high cupboard or use a childproof lock.
  • Buy childproof fasteners for cupboards and safety gates for stairs.
  • Make sure you have a locking device on your window to prevent it opening wide enough for baby get through.
  • Use electric socket protectors and install safety power points.
  • Make sure your home has a circuit breaker and smoke detectors installed.
  • If you have a pet, make sure their water and food bowls are safe from your baby.
  • If you have an outdoor pool, make sure it’s fenced and fitted with childproof gates.
  • Always supervise baby when they are out in the garden as they love to put things in their mouth, and make sure you have no poisonous plants.

Useful contacts

Emergency line: 000 (or if outside normal mobile phone range, you can call 112).

Poisons Information Centre (24 hours): 13 11 26

ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) for baby product safety recalls: (

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