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Baby's Play and Toys - Aged 9-12 Months

Playtimes are now very busy. Your baby will be crawling, pulling to stand up and walking around supporting themselves with the furniture. It may be a few more months before they actually walk independently, so don’t rush them. Put them in soft soled shoes or let them have bare feet when it’s safe to do so.

Your baby’s fine motor skills are now well developed. They can pick up and manipulate small objects. They will start to imitate simple actions like waving ‘Bye bye,’ shaking their head, clapping, playing 'Peek-a-Boo' stretching for toys, banging them and dropping them.

Buy a set of wooden building blocks so they can practice stacking one on top of the other.

Your baby is also learning about the fact that objects move from one place to another. An example is when they are sitting in their high chair, look at something on their tray, pick it up and drop it onto the floor. They then look down at it, look at you, and then back to the object on the floor. You might find this annoying, but it’s important to respond. Look at them, look at the object, pick it up, describe it and put it back on the high chair tray. Baby may do this several times. They are learning that if something disappears from their sight, it hasn’t necessarily gone forever.

Young father playing with his daughter inside with toys

Play ideas 

  • An activity board with interesting sounds and buttons to push.
  • Find picture books with different textures to show them and let them feel.
  • Buy a set of wooden building blocks so they can practice stacking one on top of the other.
  • Give them a plastic container filled with plastic pegs and show baby how to take them in and out.
  • Put a toy under a container in front of baby and let them find it again.
  • Sit on the floor with baby and roll a ball backwards and forwards between you.
  • Stock a low kitchen cupboard or drawer with safe utensils so they can help themselves.
  • Buy them a stable walking trolley with wheels, that they can push along and walk behind supported, using their legs and gaining some independence.
  • Go along to a playgroup, as your baby is now very social and likes being out and about – as well as giving you the chance to socialise.

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