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Get Added Pain Relief with Panadol Extra

Looking for an effective pain reliever to help fight persistent pain? Discover Panadol Extra for moderate pain relief below.

Fight five types of moderate pain with Panadol Extra

Sometimes pain can get moderate. And whether it’s a migraine headache or painful muscle aches, when you’re battling moderate pain, you want a pain reliever to back you up.

That’s why we’ve developed Panadol Extra: to help you fight moderate pain when it strikes.

Panadol Extra caplets contain a combination of active ingredients – paracetamol and caffeine to help fight five types of moderate pain: migraine headache, tension headaches, period pain, muscle aches and dental pain.

In fact, Panadol Extra is particularly good for headaches, since the presence of caffeine affords greater pain relief than standard paracetamol tablets.

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