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Get Everyday Pain Relief with Panadol

Experiencing aches or pain? Explore the complete range of Panadol products for everyday pain relief below.

Use our easy symptom selection tool to help choose which Panadol product is right for you, so you can start to get relief as quickly as possible.

Help beat everyday aches and pains with Panadol

The Panadol Everyday Pain Relief range comes in a variety of forms to suit everyone, including tablets, caplets, mini caps and suppositories.

Each one can help give you fast and effective temporary relief from the most common types of pain – from headache and migraine headache to muscle aches, arthritis and osteoarthritis, toothache, cold and flu symptoms, and period pain.

What’s more, products designed with the Panadol OPTIZORB® formulation provide faster absorption than standard Panadol tablets and relieve pain fast. Learn more below.

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