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The 4 A’s of Stress Management

Stress affects us both mentally and physically. Studies show that people who are prone to stress as well as anxiety and depression are more likely to suffer from frequent headaches. When your stress level exceeds your ability to cope, you need to restore the balance by reducing the stress triggers or increasing your ability to cope or both.

The expression ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ comes from the title of a best-selling book by psychologist Richard Carlson. In the book, he urged readers to minimise stress by making changes to their everyday lives such as:

  • doing one thing at a time
  • living in the present
  • letting others have the glory at times
  • living each day as if it might be your last

Along with those helpful tips, you can also try using the 4 A’s of stress management:

Avoid – situations that you know may be stressful. Don’t take on too much and learn to say no

Alter – situations by communicating clearly about what is bothering you. Be prepared to make changes too

Accept – when you have to. Don’t waste energy on being angry but learn to forgive

Adapt – to your circumstances. Ask yourself ‘will this matter in a year?’ If the answer is no, you may see the situation differently

With these stress management tips, you can better keep stress in check and bring your life into balance.

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