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Explore the Complete Panadol Range for Babies and Children

Explore all Panadol products for babies and children.

0-5 Years

Children’s Panadol Suspension can be used for kids aged up to 5 years to provide effective pain and fever relief, while also being gentle on little stomachs. It comes in child-friendly raspberry flavour.

Effective for: high temperature (fever), teething pain, pain and fever after immunisation, earache, headache, cold and flu symptoms.

5-12 Years

The children’s Panadol for kids aged five to twelve years provides fast, effective pain and fever relief, while also being gentle on children’s stomachs. It comes in with a child-friendly Raspberry flavour.

When it comes to getting effective pain relief for older kids, Panadol Elixir 5-12 Years is another great option. Its tasty raspberry flavour makes for a quick, drinkable pain reliever.

Children’s Panadol Elixir 5-12 years is effective for reducing fever and relieving: teething pain, immunisation pain, earache, headache, and pain and discomfort associated with cold and flu symptoms.

PanaNatural Syrup

Cough Syrup

There are few things more annoying than having a tough cough.

PanaNatural has a solution, so you can show your worst cough what a powerful natural relief is all about.

PanaNatural Cough Syrup is 100% Natural and scientifically proven to relief symptoms associated with both wet and dry coughs.

Made with natural igredients like honey, extracts of ribwort plantain, marshmallow and agrimony to fight cough symptoms naturally. The syrup has a honey and raspberry taste

*Only Available in UAE

More about Children’s Panadol dosages

When giving your little one any form of Children’s Panadol, it’s important to select the right dosage for your child’s weight. Learn more at our dosage calculator page below.

Dosage calculator

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