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Fight Osteoarthritis With The Mediterranean Diet

Although experts don’t recommend a specific diet for people with osteoarthritis, choosing healthy foods can help with maintaining a healthy weight. This is important for people with osteoarthritis as excess weight places additional strain on joints, particularly on the knees and hips.

There is evidence that the Mediterranean diet can have anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in promoting weight loss -- both of which are important aspects of effective osteoarthritis management.

In a study that compared diet and health among men in seven countries, it was found that men in the Mediterranean areas of southern Europe were at significantly less risk of death from heart disease than those in the US or northern Europe.

Key components of the Mediterranean diet:

  • high consumption of olive oil, a monosaturated fat that does not raise cholesterol in the way that occurs with saturated fat
  • high consumption of fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds
  • low to moderate consumption of dairy products, fish and poultry; low consumption of red meat
  • eggs are consumed up to four times a week
  • wine is consumed in low to moderate amounts

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