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Managing osteoarthritis − to juice or to blend

Making the right decisions about your diet can help you better manage osteoarthritis.

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People tend to consume less than the recommended servings of vegetables daily. Vegetables generally contain less sugar than fruits and are therefore less likely to add unwanted calories to your diet. This is an important consideration for people with osteoarthritis, as the extra pounds can put additional stress on your joints. Over time, that extra weight can cause osteoarthritis to progress rapidly, which can worsen joint pain.

Juicing or blending fruit and vegetables can help you meet your daily nutritional targets. In terms of nutrition, the key difference is that juices don’t provide fibre-related benefits for a healthy digestive system. Of course, when juicing a fruit or vegetable, you can keep some of the pulp and add it to the juice for fibre. Be mindful that juices and smoothies sold in supermarkets can be high in sugar and should be consumed in small amounts.

Making your own homemade juices and smoothies can be both nutritious and creative. You can:

  • choose the fruit and vegetables you like best and combine them as you wish
  • add yoghurt or milk to smoothies to make them creamier
  • consume them as a snack or a meal depending on its size. They’re quick to make and perfect if you’re in a hurry
senior asian woman drinking orange juice

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