Tips for Planning Holiday Travels With Kids

Vacations are a great way for the family to bond. However, the thought of travelling with babies or young children can make some parents break into cold sweats - but it doesn’t have to. The following tips can help make family travel a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Packing for baby

If you have a young baby, the main things to consider in family travel are the safety and hygiene for your baby. What you pack in the nappy bag will depend on your destination (for example: cold weather clothes) and even then will vary from family to family. To keep your packing to a minimum, consider what you must take along for the journey, and what you can buy at your destination.

Flying essentials for baby

When flying, it is important to keep the essential items with you such as nappies, baby wipes, formula (if you are not breastfeeding), snacks and drinks.

Make sure that you pack toys and books to keep your child amused. A favourite teddy or comforter is always a good idea.

Pack a change of clothes for your child and, if you have a very young baby, for yourself too (in case things get really messy).

Why do babies cry during takeoff and landing?

The change in cabin pressure during takeoff and descent causes temporary changes in middle ear pressure, which can result in pain. Here are some tips to manage the discomfort:

  • sucking helps to equalise the pressure in the ear, hence feeding during takeoff and landing may help
  • If your baby isn’t hungry, try offering a pacifier
  • older children can be given something to eat or drink

An infant with a recent ear infection may be uncomfortable when flying. It’s wise to plan a trip to the doctor before flying. Your child’s doctor may suggest pain-relieving eardrops, in case your baby experiences ear pain.

Dealing with jetlag

When you reach your destination after a long flight, try and establish the new time zone as soon as possible by re-organising mealtimes and bedtime. Be mindful that jetlag affects children too. If your baby is unsettled for more than a couple of days after your arrival, talk to a doctor.

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