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Your Toddler's Day - Tips for Creating a Routine for Toddlers

The world of the toddler is busy as they start to walk (usually around their first birthday) and strive to learn and test out their independence. They need and thrive on a predictable routine in their day to make them feel secure. They will gradually move from 2 sleeps a day to one, and sleep 10–12 hours overnight. Even when they’re tired they might fuss and resist going to bed, as they see the world as a place that offers non-stop entertainment. Just be firm – let them know that bedtime is coming soon and ensure you have a quiet time before bed.

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A typical day Morning

6.00am Wake up. Have breakfast first. Brush teeth, a quick wash and dress.

Play about the house.

9.30am Morning tea.

10am In the car, buckle up, off to the shops, the park, or playgroup (a great opportunity to learn about playing together and sharing).


12pm Lunch.

12.30pm By now they’re exhausted, so a quick nappy change and off to bed.

3pm Wake up and have afternoon tea.

3.30pm Playtime around the house, or a trip to the shops or park.

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5.30pm Dinner (no later or they’ll be too tired to eat).

6.00pm Bath and dress for bed.

6.30pm May join the whole family at the dinner table for a snack or dessert.

7pm (or earlier) Brush teeth. Quiet time in bed – dim lighting, gentle story or soft music.

7.30pm Bedtime (10-12 hours’ sleep).

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