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Stories of care that inspire us

Meet some extraordinary Australians. 

We created The Panadol Care Collective to champion exceptional Australians. The kind of people who go to great lengths to make a positive difference in their communities. 


With $100,000 worth of care packages to reward them with, we asked for nominations and were overwhelmed by the heartwarming responses. From youth mentoring, to celebrating people with different abilities - here are some of the most inspiring stories you’ve shared so far. 

Margaret and our future generation

Margaret has worked tirelessly, six days a week for the past six years, mentoring and empowering future generations of kids within the Redfern community. Margaret and Solomon Haumono started Redfern Youth Connect in 2015, providing tailored educational and mentoring programs that have helped countless kids in their community to become confident, bright-minded individuals. 

Margie and Celebrating Abilities

Margie has spent every day for the past nine years providing a supportive, inclusive environment for children and adults with special needs and disabilities. Margie founded Celebrating Abilities in 2012, delivering unique and joyful experiences for people living with disabilities through wellness programs, exercise and rehabilitation that truly celebrates everyone’s abilities.

More stories from our Care Collective

Mum and kid playing with blocks on the floor

Jo and the Batlow bushfires.

Jo (nominated by Jude) worked tirelessly to support her community, organising food, clothing, and shelter for people who’d lost everything in the 2020 bushfires.

Mum and kid playing with blocks on the floor

Candace and the Bowarring Mentor Program

Candace (nominated by Sabrina), drives three hours every weekend to conduct her own mentoring programme to help support and educate young indigenous women.

Mum and kid playing with blocks on the floor

Bob and 40 years of kids’ rugby.

Bob (nominated by Shannan) has been a volunteer rugby coach for more than 40 years, making a positive difference to the lives of thousands of Aussie kids.

What pains Aussies most?

Aussies have trusted us to support them for over 60 years, so we’re not strangers to this country’s pain points! But 2020 was an unprecedented year – we wanted to learn more about its impact and see how we could help deliver meaningful care for people.

In our 2021 Care Study, we spoke to 1,500 Australians and uncovered truly inspiring results- take a look.

51% of people feel more stressed and find it hard to switch off

1 out of 3 Australians are suffering from more physical pain than ever before.

1 in 3 people are afraid to take sick leave

68% want to make more time for themselves and their self-care.

87% of people aren’t practicing mindfulness

1 in 5 are acting as carer for others, with 1 in 2 providing care daily.

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