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Children’s Dosage Calculator

Use our easy-to-use online Dosage Calculator to help determine the correct dosage of Children’s Panadol for your child or baby. Learn more below.

What is the right Panadol dosage for my child or baby?

Whether it’s because of a fever, or just everyday pains such as headache, sore throat, or earache, no parent wants to watch their child suffer through unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Thankfully, the Children’s Panadol Product range can help ease a wide range of pain symptoms for children and babies from one month of age – including headache, teething pain, earache and cold and flu symptoms – as well as reduce a temperature (fever).

Depending on their age or weight, children need to take a different dose of Children’s Panadol , so what dose is most effective and appropriate to give to your child?

Children’s Panadol comes in several different strengths for use across a range of age groups: babies from one month of age, to young children and older children up to twelve years of age.

When it comes to getting children’s dosage right, Children’s Panadol is here to help. You can use oureasy-to-use online dosage calculator for children to help determine the correct dosage of Children’s Panadol for your little one, so they can get relief from their symptoms of pain and fever as quickly as possible.

Learn how to use the Children’s Dosage Calculator with our easy step-by-step guide below.

Combining Children’s Panadol with other paracetamol products

It’s important that you do not give your child or baby any other medicines that contain paracetamol at the same time as Children’s Panadol (for example, many common cold and flu medicines may contain paracetamol), as this could cause a paracetamol overdose. Always check the ingredients listed on the product label of any other medication before use alongside Children’s Panadol, and consult a health professional before using any medication alongside Panadol.

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Select your product

Browse the full range of Children’s Panadol Products and choose which one suits your child’s needs and symptoms. Children’s Panadol comes in many different child-friendly forms suitable for a range of ages (one month to 12 years), including concentrated drops, suppositories, suspensions, chewable tablets and elixir.


Calculate the correct dose

Use our easy-to-use online Dosage Calculator to determine how much of your chosen Children’s Panadol product to administer to your child or baby. Simply enter your child’s weight or their age to reveal the recommended dosage.


Dose your child

Learn more about how to properly administer your chosen Children’s Panadol product to your child, plus some helpful tips on managing their pain and other symptoms.

Getting the facts on Panadol for children


Discover all you need to know about the Children’s Panadol product range – including essential usage information, product ingredients and more – in our helpful articles on Children’s Panadol listed below.


You can also browse our Children’s Symptoms Hub for more information on common pain symptoms in children and babies – including teething, earache, cold and flu and fever – with some tips on how to help manage and relieve them.

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