Couple At Fall Picnic
Couple At Fall Picnic

The Four A’s of Stress Management

Stress can affect you physically and mentally, causing you to experience changes in behaviour and wellbeing that are uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to manage. Everyone experiences stress from time to time and it’s important to find ways of taking care of yourself and taking positive steps towards stress management.

There are many different stress management techniques and the Four A’s are a great place to start. These stress management steps are:

  • Avoid – try to stay away from situations you know will be stressful for you. It’s also important for stress management to learn how to say no and not to take on too much work or extra pressure. 
  • Alter – try to change the situations that cause you stress. In some cases, you can alter the stress by communicating with other people about what’s bothering you. At other times, stress management will need you to make changes in your life.
  • Accept – as hard as it can be, try to accept situations for what they are and don’t waste your energy on being angry or upset. Try to forgive and learn to walk away. It’s also important to realise that stress management involves you accepting that you can’t change some things.
  • Adapt – ask yourself if the situation you’re in will matter in a year’s time. If the answer is no, this may help you view the situation differently and change the way you approach it.

How to manage stress 

If the Four A’s of stress management aren’t helping you make inroads on your stress, there are other ways of managing it. These include:

1. Take up exercise – this can help you release your emotions and gain clarity about a situation.

2. Spend time talking to other people – this will help you to focus on more positive things.

3. Identify the cause of your stress and try to minimise its impact on your life. Find practical solutions to the situation so you can focus on relevant stress management steps.

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