Panadol Period Pain


Panadol Period Pain provides up to 37% more powerful pain relief than standard paracetamol tablets.

The tablets contain two active ingredients.  Paracetamol is a pain reliever and caffeine acts to further amplify the pain relieving effect of paracetamol.

This section contains an overview of Panadol products and does not include full label information. Always read the label and only use as directed. Contains paracetamol.



Where to Buy


What does it relieve?

The aches and pains associated with Period Pain

What is the format?


What are its features?

Up to 37% more powerful pain relief than standard paracetamol tablets

What are the ingredients?

Paracetamol 500mg, Caffeine 65mg


How To Use

Swallow tablet(s) with water.






1 tablet

2 tablets

How often

Give 1 tablet with water up to 4 times daily. Do not give more frequently than every 4 hours. Do not give more than 4 tablets in 24 hours.

Swallow 2 tablets with water up to four times daily. Do not take more frequently than every four hours. Do not take more than 8 tablets in 24 hours.

Not recommended for children under 12

Further Information

Panadol Period Pain Patient Information Leaflet 

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