We’re celebrating those special people who go above and beyond to help others. It’s why we created The Panadol Care Collective, our new initiative to give some TLC back to those exceptional Aussies.

Our mission

In a modern, changing world, we inspire Australians to rethink how they care for themselves, and each other. We help them find the best possible pain relief, and encourage positive, healthier and long lasting behaviour change for everyone.

More Ways to Rethink Care

With life moving at such a cracking pace, wellbeing often ends up on the back burner. How can we bring more ways to care for ourselves into our daily routines?

Girl seated, using a laptop with headphones on


Setting you mind up for success

Mindfulness can help change your mind for the better. Did you know it can even improve your overall physical health?

Girl lying on bed with headphones on


Identifying unhelpful thinking patterns

Negative thoughts can keep going around and around in your head. Here’s how to shake them…

Find time for downtime

We tend to unwittingly overload our kids with activities. We just want them to have the best, but this non-stop routine can sometimes leave them exhausted. Let’s rethink how we can find time for downtime.

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