29 April 2024, Sydney, Australia

URGENT PRODUCT DEFECT CORRECTION: PANADOL CHILDREN 1 Month – 1 Year Paracetamol 100 mg/mL oral liquid bottle

Haleon is issuing a Consumer Level Product Defect Correction for specified batches of PANADOL CHILDREN 1 MONTH – 1 YEAR paracetamol 100 mg/mL oral liquid due to difficulties that may be experienced when using the provided dosing syringe.

There is no concern around the liquid medicine itself. The component impacted is the dosing syringe.

The dosing syringe in the affected batches may experience stiffness impacting the ability to control the delivery of the medicine to babies which may pose a risk of choking in babies.

Reports suggest that incidences of choking are rare, however, in the best interests of consumer safety, consumers are advised to dispose of the dosing syringe supplied with the following batches of PANADOL CHILDREN 1 MONTH – 1 YEAR Paracetamol 100 mg/mL oral liquid: DR562, DR563, DT528, DS947, DS956, DT334, DT469, DT762, DT912, DU128, DT913, DW301, DW507, DW487 with expiry dates between April 2024 and February 2025. They should seek an alternative dosing syringe from their pharmacy.

No other batches of this product, or other Panadol Children products, are affected.

Consumers are advised to:

  1. Confirm their product is PANADOL CHILDREN 1 MONTH – 1 YEAR paracetamol 100 mg/mL oral liquid bottle.
  2. Cross check batch numbers above with the batch number on the product (located on bottom of pack and label of bottle).
  3. If the product matches one of the batch numbers above, dispose of the supplied syringe and seek an alternative dosing syringe from a pharmacy.
  4. If unsure whether a product is affected or if there are further questions, to please call Haleon Consumer Relations on 1800 028 533 for further advice.

Haleon would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and carers of the correct way to administer medicine to a baby using a dosing syringe.

Cradle your baby in one arm and gently slide the syringe into the mouth. Then slowly squirt a small amount of the medicine inside the cheek next to the tongue and wait until they swallow the liquid entirely before giving the rest of the dose in the necessary increments using the same method.

Anish Patel, Haleon ANZ Area General Manager, says that “Haleon exists to deliver better everyday health to people in Australia, and around the world. We take our responsibility to provide quality products backed by science to society very seriously and, as such, consumer safety is our number one priority. Haleon sincerely regrets any inconvenience to its consumers.”

Please use the following contact details for further assistance: Consumer relations: 1800 028 533 Pharmacist/stockist: 1800 251 905 Media: or 0429 527 180

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Incorrect use could be harmful.