Cleaning and Sterilising Baby Bottles

If you are giving formula or breastmilk to your baby in a bottle, it is recommended that you sterilise the bottle and teat until your baby is 12 months of age.

What you need to bottle feed baby

1. 6-8 plastic bottles. Buy the 240 mL size with clear markings for the amounts.

2. 6-8 teats. Try a few different types until you discover which style best suits your baby. Choose teats that are the appropriate flow for your baby’s age.

3. Plastic knife (which can be sterilised) to level off powder if you’re formula feeding.

4. Bottle brush for cleaning.

5. Jug or bowl for warming bottle (or electric bottle warmer).

6. Sterilising equipment: A saucepan (boil in the water for 5 minutes), a cold chemical solution, or a microwave or electric steam steriliser (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).

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Rinse bottle and teat with water immediately after the feed for easy cleaning later.

Clean bottles before sterilising

  • Rinse bottle and teat with water immediately after the feed for easy cleaning later.
  • Clean with bottle brush and warm soapy water. Make sure you squeeze soapy water through the holes in the teats.
  • Then rinse bottles and teats in clean water.

When going out?

  • If using formula, the safest method is to take a bottle filled with the correct measure of warm boiled water and take the correct amount of powder formula separately in a sterilised dispenser and add it at feeding time.
  • If transporting pre-made formula or breastmilk, cool in fridge and take it with you in an insulated cold carry pack.
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