Why Period Cramps Tablets Like Panadol Woman Can Be An Effective Period Pain Treatment

Period cramps tablets like Panadol Woman can be an effective period pain treatment which work by relieving pain and cramps through its dual-action formula. Paracetamol soothes pain, and hyoscine butylbromide calms muscle cramps.

Period pain and cramps (also known as dysmenorrhoea) can cause a wide range of symptoms. For many women, it starts just before or at the time bleeding begins lasting for 1 to 3 days. However, it is not unusual to have other symptoms associated with dysmenorrhoea.1

How can period cramp tablets, like Panadol Woman help to relieve dysmenorrhoea?

The combination of active ingredients in Panadol Woman has been studied in people with dysmenorrhoea and other types of crampy abdominal pain. These studies have proven that the dual-action combination is effective and well-tolerated as period cramps tablets targeting abdominal cramping and dysmenorrhoea.2,3

Panadol Woman’s is proven to relieve painful periods and associated symptoms.

  • In women with dysmenorrhoea, the combination of paracetamol and hyoscine butylbromide effectively relieved pain starting on the very first day of menstruation.2
    • More than 8 in every 10 women reported less intense abdominal pain and reduction of other associated symptoms such as, fewer headaches and heart palpitations (flutters), less nausea, diarrhoea, breast pain and general discomfort.2
  • This combination was also studied in another clinical trial that included more than 2000 patients with abdominal pain and cramps, including 783 women with dysmenorrhoea.3
    •  It relieved pain in 9 out of every 10 participants.3
  • In a study of more than 1,600 patients with abdominal cramps, this same combination was effective at relieving the pain, without causing much in the way of side effects.4

Benefits of Panadol Woman

As period cramps tablets, Panadol Woman’s fixed-dose combination of paracetamol (500 mg) and hyoscine butylbromide (10 mg) offers a dual-action treatment for dysmenorrhoea. Together, its active ingredients effectively relieve period pain and abdominal cramping.

1.  Panadol Woman relieves period pain. The dual-action combination fights your body’s creation of a hormone-type substance (called prostaglandins) that is believed to be the source of pain in women with dysmenorrhoea.5,6 

  • Paracetamol works on relieving pain where it is first present in the tissue, eases the sensation of pain in the nerves and spinal cord, and even acts where pain is perceived in the brain.5

2. Panadol Woman reduces muscle spasms. The uterine spasms that cause abdominal cramps during your period are soothed, to help fight the problem.7

  • Hyoscine butylbromide fights cramping and pain by relaxing only the muscles in the abdominal area, such as the gut, bladder and, presumably, the uterus.8

The pain-relieving and muscle-soothing effects start shortly after taking medication.5 When used properly, the dual-action combination in period cramps tablets like Panadol Woman carries a fairly low risk of side effects, meaning it is suitable for many people.2,4 This offers a well-tolerated, effective pain relief option for people with aspirin-induced asthma or haemophilia, and others who cannot take NSAIDs due to the risk of gastrointestinal side effects.5,9

Taking Panadol Woman—which is more than “just” a basic pain reliever—might help you manage period pain that is more than “just” cramps.

Always follow the label prior to use.


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