COVID-19 Supply Statement - Panadol

COVID-19 Supply Statement - Panadol

We understand the community’s concern about COVID-19, it’s a worrying time for everyone. We encourage people to follow the advice provided by healthcare professionals and the guidance given by the government and public health authorities.

We’ve seen an increase in demand for Panadol and Children's Panadol products over the last week and some stores and pharmacies may have a limited supply of some products. We are working to address this.

In an effort to ensure equitable access to pain relief for all Australians, some retailers have placed temporary buying limits on pain relief products.  We urge Australians to purchase responsibly for their immediate needs.

If you are unable to find your preferred Panadol product, we suggest speaking with your pharmacist or other healthcare professional about what is available for your needs. 

If you are seeking more information about COVID-19, visit and follow the advice given.  

Panadol is indicated for the temporary relief of pain and fever, when used as directed.